Our Financial Planning Process

Manage Your Life Less, Enjoy It More

Today’s investor is often seeking advice on all topics that impact their finances—not just advice on how to invest. Coupled with the pace and complexity of managing the many financial decisions you’re facing, it is easy to feel unprepared and uncertain about your future.  

Working together to create a financial plan can reduce risk of the unknown and help turn your worries into confidence and sense of purpose. We use our industry leading tools and resources backed by the largest independent broker dealer in the country. And we provide strategies that are customized to your objectives and goals, not ours. Partnering with you, we help you pursue your vision and purpose – whatever it is, whenever it occurs, and wherever it may lead.    

So what, exactly, is financial planning?

Through our comprehensive, five-step process we will:

1 | Identify and Quantify Goals and Objectives

Where do you want to go?  The first step in our financial planning process focuses on listening to you and helping you uncover goals, needs, and dreams for the various stages of life. 

2 | Evaluate and Analyze Your Information

What do you have?  Next, we will review and analyze your financial data to determine the likelihood of reaching your goals.  Figures related to Income and expenses, assets and liabilities, and policies and documents are all taken in to account.    

3 | Review and Strategize

Where do I stand right now and what alternatives are there for helping me get where I want to go?  In this iterative step that can involve multiple meetings, we present outcomes of both your current and proposed paths and determine pros and cons of the choices you control.   

4 | Implement Your Plan

How do I take steps forward?  After we’ve reviewed the analysis and helped determine your desired path, we work together with you and any other professionals you may employ, such as a CPA or attorney, to take the necessary actions steps.    

5 | Monitor Progress Towards Goals

How am I doing?  With regular check-ins, we update progress towards your goals and help you adjust your path as necessary.  Changes in your personal circumstances or, more broadly, in the economy, markets, and legislation can all require corrections to stay on track. 

Empowered with the right information to make better informed decisions you’ll be more likely to reach your goals. The sense of purpose  comprehensive financial planning provides will truly help you manage your life less and enjoy it more!

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