By Kirsten Ashbaugh 

Financial Advisor | Financial Planner

Wilkinson Wealth Management & Investment Advisory Services, LLC

The Intel Brief for Your Personal Finances

The Intel Brief for Your Personal Finances

How do policymakers make the most critical national security decisions? By relying on crafted intelligence that contains the most relevant information, delivered to them by our nation's top intelligence analysts.

It’s not just our nation’s policymakers who are busy and overwhelmed with information—that’s the situation for all of us too. And yet we cannot afford to ignore our personal finances, quite literally.

On a monthly basis, I’ll deliver to you a brief on a personal finance topic that you can read in about 5 minutes or less. Like any good intelligence brief, it may be a topic you have some background on, but now you need to know more information or the next step.

Make the right decision for your finances.

Thank you!