Who We Are

Wilkinson Wealth Management & Investment Advisory Services, LLC is a full-service investment planning and wealth management firm.

We center our business around providing personalized, comprehensive guidance for our clients that is motivated by care and compassion for them, their families, and their businesses.

Our Story

Client Centered

In 2008, our Founder, Susan Wilkinson, saw a need for a more comprehensive approach to financial services.

She understood that many wealth management firms only focused on investment management, and that other areas critical to financial success were either framed as secondary to investment performance or were disregarded entirely.

She believed that a firm needed multiple areas of experience so that a comprehensive approach could be used to guide clients through a complete financial plan.

Client Centered

Today, Wilkinson Wealth Management, LLC has a competent, professional team with a wide range of certifications, specialties, and industry experience.

Whatever financial goals our clients bring to us, we provide the experience and care they need to feel confident moving toward success. Check out the Our Team page to see a full list of certifications and industry experience.

To us, the planning process is an integral part of our relationship with our clients and ensures that all areas which could affect their financial achievements are considered. And the focus is not just on them, but also on their, parents, children, and businesses.

So - how are we different? We believe the level of experience, the number of designations, the length of time in the business, and the fiduciary responsibility combined with a holistic planning process puts us beyond the skill set of other independent firms.

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